Custom frame packs start at $110
(and up, depending on features)

Everything Bag ($50 or $60 with P clamps)
Bar bag with pocket $75
Top tube pack $40

Check out the Product Picture Album

Contact me at for questions or to order.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Time is just flying these days...

Flying around on a crane hook for the day job.... tuning/rigging a huge antenna at our company's test range...

Ever wondered how to put three bolts through a tube at exactly 120 degrees?
Simple (ok, assuming you have a drill press with centered vee blocks) - we're going to scribe 3 marks on the tube with the calipers, with the marks at 120 degree intervals - that's just inscribing an equilateral triangle inside the circle. Set the calipers to the length of the side of the triangle and you've got it.  Easy.  Caliper reading = Diameter * cos(30 degrees).  Done.
This antenna is going to visit South Sandwich and South Georgia islands in the sub-Antarctic.

A bit of 1993 custom titanium

Curvy zipper panel loader for full suspension - for this bag it was better than a traditional panel loader.

Full suspension panel loader with lower zipper curved to make better use of space.

I've got a bunch of red VX21 X Pac fabric coming soon (along with the usual black) so there's some color options again!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Goats, e-bikes, and some mud...

Here's some pictures from recent projects and adventures in no particular order...

Camo frame bag for a road touring Litespeed bike, posing with our columbines that finally bloomed on their third year in the pot!

Muddy hike/trail run in the Kannah Creek basin.

Baby goats at a friend's house!

Exploring the Uncompahgre Plateu.

Crazy frame bag for a homemade E-bike - he took an old Giant Rincon steel frame, built it up with nice e-bike components, got a new powdercoat finish, and put this sweet frame bag on it.  Left side panel loader with padding on the left panel and a plastic stiffener and padding on the right panel, plus four wire ports for the batteries.

Everything bag on a cargo bike.

Thanks everyone for a busy winter-spring of sewing!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Lots of sewing!

Well - good job, you folks have been keeping me rather busy with the weekend sewing business.
Here's some of the bags that actually got photographed.

This one is for a Specialized Stumpjumper 29 full suspension.  Given the small size and weird shape of the frame bag, I curved the zipper to get the best access into the frame bag in both the upper and lower portions.
It works great, and I'll use this method again next time there's a need.

This one is riding from NYC to Argentina along with a few Everything Bags and a bar bag.

Some bags are just so perfectly sized and featured I don't want to ship them out.  This one mixes camo X33 with storm orange VX21 (backed by black VX42 for durability along the frame tubes) for a hunting season type look.  Then add in probably my two favorite features - the left map pocket and panel loader, and you've got it.  My 2 month old son even likes it.
This one was built for a Surly ECR but also fits my Vassago Jabberwocky (pictured), a REEB something or other, and (rumoredly) a Borealis Yampa.  Assuredly it will fit other frames too, but these are the ones I know about.

I also changed logo suppliers so they look ever so slightly different.  Here's the new look.

In other news, I'm now trying 29+ in the front, with a Surly Knard mounted to a Velocity P35 rim, courtesy of a frame bag trade with Mike Curiak.  The tire size seems pretty ideal for the chunky loose rocks around Grand Junction.  It will fit in my suspension fork with just barely enough clearance so one of these weeks I'll swap forks and give that a whirl too.

Rattlesnake Arches trail run.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

New study demonstrates that newborn boys prefer custom frame bags to Everything Bags

Ezekiel decided to help out on the latest product photo shoot (this one is for a Motobecane Lurch fatbike in Pennsylvania).
He enjoyed a nice nap in the frame bag... and even managed not to pee or poop in it.

He even contemplated the mysteries of the universe...

Then we stuck him in an Everything Bag to see how he liked it...

And there was rather immediate feedback that he liked the frame bag better!

But - don't worry, despite this recent study, Everything Bags are still the hottest item this month.  So get yours today.  Now available in black VX42, camo X33, or storm orange VX21, with or without reflective tape (free option) and of course, with or without p clamps depending on your fork needs.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ezekiel Charles Cleaveland

Our son, Ezekiel Charles Cleaveland was born January 11.  His name means "God will strengthen the common man" which is the gospel in a name - we are all sinners (common men) and it is only through God's strength that we can be saved from the wages of our sin.  Romans 6:23 - "For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Jesus Christ our Lord."
Mom, baby, and Dad are doing well, and he's a lot of fun - such a blessing!

Now for a few recent bag pictures

This one is for sale since the customer backed out...
Made for a small Access frame, but should fit many other similar sized frames.  I can provide triangle dimensions if you're interested.
Blue VX21 with black VX42 on the edges, reflective tape, panel loader on the LEFT HAND SIDE, hydration port, and tapered top to bottom.

This is a $140 bag retail, I'll let it go for $80 shipped.

Storm orange bag to the fat bike races

Blue bag to Lone Ranger country

Snowy ride in to work through the desert.

There's lots of bags on the list now, mostly Everything Bags, so get on the list quick if you're thinking about it!  Lead times are kinda crazy now with a newborn and a full time job too.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Lots of Bags

Here's the result of two busy weekends of sewing.

Shipping to everywhere from local pickup to across the US, to Italy and Australia.

Note the Everything Bag with two bolts instead of three - that's an easy custom build so this customer can mount it on the down tube of his touring bike, which has just two water bottle bosses.

Also note the new Camo X33 fabric and custom high visibility Everything Bags with reflective tape and storm orange fabric for safety while snow biking on snowmobile trails!

Not much else to say now, gotta get back to antenna manufacturing, but my mountain bike is a dinglespeed now (probably not for long, spinning to the trail head is no fun), and I got a 29+ tire and rim on trade so will try that out sometime when I get a chance.

Here's an example of what we're building at the antenna factory... careful electrical design followed by exacting mechanical design yields a superior finished product.  This one's a 3 element 40 meter Yagi with bent back tip sections on the driven element.

For all of you that aren't radio geeks, that means you can talk all the way around the world with a very focused radio signal.

Monday, October 6, 2014

4.8 oz frame bag...

Made from 2.94 oz/yd^2 cuben fiber fabric that includes a 50 denier polyester laminate for better abrasion resistance.  This ultralight ultra tough fabric is about 1/3 the weight of VX42.  This is an optional upgrade for $50 in a variety of colors including camo.  Notice the cuben fiber seam tape in the second photo.

This 4.8 oz frame bag is for a small Salsa Fargo bound for the Tour Divide next year.  It has a left map pocket and a tapered front (but no padding to save weight).

There's also been a bit of panel loader action recently...

Tower Mountain in Silverton, CO.

Pneumatic bulldozer for small mines... and my pregnant wife!