(click link for photo album)start at $110
(and up, depending on features)

Everything Bag (click link for photo album)
- one bag only - $50
- one bag with p clamps or hose clamp mount - $60

Bar bag with pocket $75

Check out the Product Picture Album
Contact me at jeremycleaveland@gmail.com for questions or to order.

Payment can be sent via paypal to this email. I do not accept credit cards. Cash/check is fine too. Prices include shipping to the 48 continuous states.

Everything Bags - Fork Mounted Oversized Water Bottle Holders

This fork mounted water bottle cage also doubles as a small rackless pannier for your fork (or under the down tube). You can carry large water bottles, thermos, camping gear, food, a stove, or anything else that fits securely.

The bag connects directly to two or three water bottle bosses seen on rigid forks from Salsa, Surly, and the like. Or the bag connects to almost any fork out there using a hose clamp mounting system.

Construction is very robust fabric and webbing with an internal plastic framesheet.


One bag - $50
One bag with hose clamp mount - $60
Two bags - $100
Two bags with hose clamp mount - $120
2-3 L stuff sack fitted to the bag - $30 each

Prices include shipping to the 48 continuous states. Other locations, contact me for a shipping quote.
Payment via paypal sent to my email gets it done. Thanks!

Is it an over-sized water bottle holder for your fork or a light, low profile alternative to a front rack and pannier?  You be the judge.

Mounts to forks with three bottle bosses on each leg (some Salsa, Surly forks).
Mounts to most standard forks and suspension forks with the optional hose clamp mount.
Fabric aesthetic will match the other bags on your bike.
Hybrid fabric/plastic design reduces the size of the plastic support needed and will securely hold objects of any shape.

The Everything Bag securely stores any item that will fit in the straps:
  • Water bottles - round or rectangular
  • Thermos or insulated Nalgene
  • Fuel bottles
  • 3-5 Liter stuff sacks or dry bags of gear
  • Sleeping pads
  • Wet camping gear
  • Anything else you can strap in securely
  • Your teddy bear
  • A medium sized butternut squash

Materials and Construction:
  • Dimension Polyant VX42 and/or VX21 fabric
  • HDPE plastic framesheet
  • 3/4" webbing
  • 3/4" metal cam buckles (does not slip when tensioned over hard round objects like some plastic buckles can do)
  • Bonded Polyester V-69 thread
  • 1" Grosgrain binding webbing
  • Stainless Steel M5 x 20 button head screws (low profile head)
  • Oversized washers, zinc plated or stainless
  • Low profile button head bolts are covered with nylon webbing to prevent the bolt heads from wearing holes in stuff sacks

Weight is approximately 8 ounces per bag.  This weight is mostly from the hardware and frame sheet, so changing to a lighter weight fabric has a negligible effect on weight.  Lightening the hardware or frame sheet makes the bag too floppy and more likely to break or fall into your spinning front wheel!

The metal cam buckles are kind of heavy, but are the best option for this application.  Other buckle options slip when tensioned over a round object, so are unreliable.  Velcro could be used but wears out after a while and can't be tensioned as much. 

The Everything Bag comes ready to go out of the box - no trips to the hardware store to make it fit.
The hose clamp mount allows the bag to fit on almost any fork.

Hose clamp mount
The new hose clamp mount replaces the p clamp system. Three hose clamps hold an aluminum strip onto the fork. Then the bag bolts onto the three holes tapped into the aluminum strip.
The hose clamp mount fits almost every fork leg diameter on the planet.
Pad underneath the hose clamp with electrical tape or a bit of bike tube.
(Note the orange Voile straps in the image below where a prototype only).
The hose clamp mount is more rigid and more versatile than the p clamp system previously used.

2-3 L stuff sack 
This 2-3 liter stuff sack is designed to perfectly fit in the Everything Bag. It measures about 5.5" diameter and closes like a roll top dry bag. It is NOT a dry bag as the seams are not sealed, but the fabric itself is waterproof to 200+ psi. The fabric is the same VX42 or VX21 used on the Everything Bags and frame bag.

This is a side job, so lead time is typically under 4 weeks, but sometimes I have a few bags in stock, ready to ship.

Check out some product reviews:
Riding Private Idaho

Review by Joe Cruz

Bikepacker Magazine compares the Everything Bag and the Salsa Anything Cage!

And don't forget to look through the Product Photo Album

Here is an article on the bag I wrote for a class in Mechanical Engineering School.


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