(click link for photo album)start at $110
(and up, depending on features)

Everything Bag (click link for photo album)
- one bag only - $50
- one bag with p clamps or hose clamp mount - $60

Bar bag with pocket $75

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Everything Bags!

We're now testing out Everything Bags mounted to undrilled and suspension forks.
Large P clamps are hard to find - we had to order them in bulk from Grainger, so you can get them with your Everything Bag order for an extra $10 per bag.
They're great for extra water in the desert, stuff sacks of camping gear, a Thermos on a cold day....

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sunshine and Seatbags

My wife needed to recertify her Wilderness First Responder training, so it was a good excuse for a trip to Lake City.  Temperatures were predicted to be really cold, with barely any snow.  Time for a bike ride to a peak climb.
Away I cruised, with temps around -12 F to ride the 13 miles of snow covered pavement and dirt to the bottom of the Winter Route up Sunshine (14,001 ft).  Near the end of the ride, I came across either a bobcat or a lynx in the road, who quickly got shy and hid in the willows!
I stashed the bike at the bottom and got hiking...
Notice the new seat bag with blue VX42 fabric.  There's 5 of them in production - order now!

A big hill without much snow on it followed.

near the top, but still a ways away, I made the call to turn around, I was moving really slow, was near official turn around time, and not feeling quite perfect, so down I went... no summit but a really good day in the mountains.
There's something nice about riding a bike with an ice axe.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Wedding Adventures!

We're finally married and having fun with it.  Here's a few pictures from the adventures of the last few weeks:  Honeymoon in Castle Valley, Utah, then offwidth climbing in Escalante Canyon.  We're getting settled and getting back to work, sewing, and tutoring.