(click link for photo album)start at $110
(and up, depending on features)

Everything Bag (click link for photo album)
- one bag only - $50
- one bag with p clamps or hose clamp mount - $60

Bar bag with pocket $75

Check out the Product Picture Album
Contact me at jeremycleaveland@gmail.com for questions or to order.

Payment can be sent via paypal to this email. I do not accept credit cards. Cash/check is fine too. Prices include shipping to the 48 continuous states.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

New Website, New Mount

Coming soon, Cleaveland Mountaineering will be moving to a real website with real shopping cart. The ONLY products will be Everything Bags and accessories. I also intend to keep a few bags in stock for fast order fulfillment.

With a busy engineering day job and a growing family, this is the best option for me. I've made a few tweaks to the production process that make sewing faster, easier, and more professional looking. The bag has a spot to tie a short cord from the bottom of the bag to the lower strap. This keeps softer cargo from creeping down and squishing through the gap (cord is currently not provided with the bag).

Also, I designed a new and improved hose clamp mount, and had my favorite local machine shop CNC them. There are three tapped M5.08 holes that the bag (or bottle cage) mounts to and cutouts that fit the body of a hose clamp inside them. This tucks the bulky body of the clamp out of the way and makes installation a breeze and there's one less thing to scratch your leg on. The new CNC mount will be $20 per mount including 3 stainless steel hose clamps.

The Everything Bag with new CNC mount (or fork with threaded holes) is a very robust and versatile way to carry gear on your fork (or downtube or other creative places on unusual bikes!). Treat it like an oversized water bottle holder or a lightweight low-rider front rack.

I have a few sets of bags and CNC mounts in inventory now, contact me at jeremycleaveland@gmail.com to order (before the new website is operational).

Friday, November 17, 2017

Coming Soon!

Cleaveland Mountaineering will NOT be closing, despite the previous post's claim. Instead, I will be opening a "real" website and will be outsourcing much of the sewing to local Grand Junction, CO seamstresses with extended experience in the outdoor industry. I will no longer offer custom frame bags, just Everything Bags, a new CNC machined hose clamp mount, and the stuff sack custom sized for the Everything Bag. Outsourcing will allow me more time to focus on marketing and customer service, and will shorten the lead time for my customers.
Thanks for your support!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Everything Bags In Stock

Cleaveland Mountaineering has always been intended to be a part time business, and I will likely taper it to zero on January 1. In that regard it has been quite successful, and fun to run. Its been a pleasure serving the bikepacking community. But now I have two energetic little boys, a "real job" with professional goals, and lots of other projects!

So, this is the time to order Everything Bags while you still can! I'm building a bunch of them to stock right now, ready to ship, and would like to reduce my materials inventory as much as possible.

The bags work great, and you can carry (almost) everything in them. The customer photo below shows the Everything Bag carrying a potted plant back from the garden store! I use them to carry a thermos to work all winter on the commuter bike.

To complete an order, email me jeremycleaveland (at) gmail (dot) com