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Saturday, May 12, 2012


Wednesday I finished finals and the first half of school, Thursday morning I hit the trail for another try at thru-riding the Tabeguache Trail from Grand Junction to Montrose. The first 50 miles has no reliable water and is really hot. I had to take breaks in the shade every half hour or so.... and was dreaming about the water pipe at Big Dominguez Campground. Mmmmm water. MMMMM.... sweating out lots of salt - good thing I started with 6 liters of pre-salted water to replenish!
9 mile hill...hot stuff.

There's millions of these yellow guys up on the Uncompaghre Plateau.

The (Divide) Road goes ever on and on....

Somewhere up there I missed the turn off for the Roubedeuix, which I was partly planning to skip anyway - my legs were shot.... I was crawling, even on a perfect dirt road. So I actually didn't ride any of the second half of the Tabeguache Trail proper, but rather continued on the Divide Road to the top of Spring Creek Trail, and rode it all the way out to Lower Spring Creek Trail for a nice interesting finish. After gravel grinding on the Divide Road, I was ready for a change. The mud, roots, stream crossing, and swamps of upper Spring Creek were a welcome relief and a taste of New York trails, but without the mosquitoes. The more technical riding was also more entertaining.

Then, best of all, I was picked up at the trailhead by my friend and fellow conspirator Fritz, who packed that night to ride the Tabeguache the other direction - I ride to Montrose, drop him off at the trailhead, drive his car back to Grand Junction, then he rides here on the Tabeguache, I pick him up, and then he gets back in time for work Monday morning! It was a hard trail... my legs are done in for a few days, but it was certainly a good challenge.
Stats for those that care:
Hours ridden: 14 day one, 11 day two.
Miles: 133 total plus another 11.3 to the trailhead.

In sewing/job news, I'll actually be working 30 hours/week at the Grand Junction Math and Science Center, teaching kids day camps, sewing will be part time on top of that but I should be able to keep up with all your orders just fine - much better than during the school year!

Most exciting of all, my girlfriend is moving to town tomorrow!

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