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Monday, July 22, 2013

Snare Lakes

Back in 2009 I rode up to Snare Lakes with frame bag version 1.  For years I've been dreaming of linking the Snare Lakes road in to the Colorado Trail.  It finally happened.

I was armed with food and water for a long day, plus a custom shoulder strap for the bike.....
Side release buckles stay strapped to the frame at either end, so the strap can be removed while you're pedaling, or for intermittent hike a bike, the strap can be tightened up while riding, then loosened for use.

The after some dirt roads and 4x4 roads to the bottom, the trail starts up an old road up a talus field...
Then it wanders around up to Snare Lakes.

The views were hazy from all the forest fires in Hinsdale County.

Then it was time for the link up to the Colorado Trail... hike up to the ridge and follow rumors of trails at 13,000 ft until you run into the CT.

Climbing over this cornice was the way onto the ridge...

Just toss up all the bike pieces, chop steps with a rock, and climb up.  Nothing too it.

A rather steep, loose, talus scramble followed to access the ridge.

On a ridge over 13,000 ft, on a bike, with no trail for miles..... sweet...

Sections of vague trail appeared and disappeared until I reached the CT.

After somehow heading the wrong way on the CT, I decided to drop down Maggie Gulch almost into Silverton and come back over Cinnamon Pass.  I've also guided the wrong peaks before in this area.

In other news, bags are flying out the door, and Project Moots is now up and riding after its long captivity at the bottom of a lake.  My wife said, "I didn't know a bike could fit this well!"

Happy Summer.

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