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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bike Access Adventure Climbing

Recently, two other bearded adventurers and myself headed off to seek our fortune and celebrate self reliance and the Freedom of the Hills.

Our bikes were laden with just enough climbing gear and provisions for about 600 feet of adventure climbing.  We set off down the road well after dawn so the sun could warm up the crag.

The bikes were stowed and we racked up for the climb.  We took two 65 meter ropes to combine a few short pitches, a small rack, and not quite enough food and water.

As they say around here, all you need is "A rope, and a rack, and the shirt on your back."

Bar bags work great for carrying a climbing rope if you make the rope coil short and tight.  My harness, shoes, and personal gear fit nicely in the seat bag, with more slings and such in the frame bag.

We cranked out a few pitches of fun climbing, including a brief bit of vertical bushwacking, and I remembered what it felt like to be higher off the ground than the chair at my desk in the engineering building.  We proceeded to the top and our rope gun had me lead the final easy pitch to the summit just to make sure I still could.

The descent involved some really fun bushwacking and scrambling back to the bikes and some casual dirt road riding back out to some great soup cooked in a dutch oven over a camp fire by my wonderful wife.

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