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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Time is just flying these days...

Flying around on a crane hook for the day job.... tuning/rigging a huge antenna at our company's test range...

Ever wondered how to put three bolts through a tube at exactly 120 degrees?
Simple (ok, assuming you have a drill press with centered vee blocks) - we're going to scribe 3 marks on the tube with the calipers, with the marks at 120 degree intervals - that's just inscribing an equilateral triangle inside the circle. Set the calipers to the length of the side of the triangle and you've got it.  Easy.  Caliper reading = Diameter * cos(30 degrees).  Done.
This antenna is going to visit South Sandwich and South Georgia islands in the sub-Antarctic.

A bit of 1993 custom titanium

Curvy zipper panel loader for full suspension - for this bag it was better than a traditional panel loader.

Full suspension panel loader with lower zipper curved to make better use of space.

I've got a bunch of red VX21 X Pac fabric coming soon (along with the usual black) so there's some color options again!

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Lovely and beautiful luxury bed linen, I love them...