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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

More product development

The last few hundred miles of commuting I've been using a new Everything Bag idea, that uses Voile ski straps.

The Voile ski strap cinches down very tight - tighter than the webbing cam strap can go.
The new hose clamp mount is also more stable than the p clamp mount.
These straps I ordered too long, but they can be easily swapped out for other straps as it isn't sewn onto the bag, it just goes through a slot that keeps things in place.
The cam strap version does hold the load quite securely and is easier to operate if you are getting at the load more often. Also I need to try the Voile ski strap version with different types of loads to see how it works for other things too - stuff sacks, sleeping pads, etc.

The thermos doesn't bounce AT ALL in this bag. Very, very stable.
I'd like to get a few out there in the wild to get some more customer feedback.

And here's some pictures from some semi-recent adventures.


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