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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Alpine Trail

A couple years ago, I got tipped off to the Alpine Trail by another poster in Mike Curiak's classic trip report "Big", and finally got around to riding it. I started Friday night and got back to the car on Sunday morning.
knee deep stream crossings and bike pushing through willows..... a great way to wake up.
The Alpine Trail is dirt bike legal, so there are a TON of rocks on the trail....... consequently, there was a TON of hike a bike. I probably pushed for 90% of both big climbs.....
the descents were also rather rock filled and bone jarring.....
There's a Beaver Lake nature center near home where I've done a lot of running and skiing - so had to take a picture.
the original plan was to go out and back on the Alpine Trail, but I really didn't feel like repeating all that gnarly hiking, so took the Cimmaron road past Silver Jack reservoir out 21 miles to Highway 50.

Ice Cream and running water really hit the spot on such a hot afternoon.
yet another climb. this one was only 4 miles long.
got off pavement after about 10 miles and took the Alpine Plateau road for another 15 miles (all uphill) or so before finding a camp site. There was no water, but was a fire ring, to warm my leftover pasta and roast marshmallows!
sheep are cute - but not when they're upstream of my water supply. good thing I didn't get that water.
This is the hardest I've pushed the tendonitis/muscle strain in my left calf, and after about 90 miles and 8,000 feet or more of climbing, it doesn't feel too bad. But the ice pack sure feels good.

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