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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Where'd all that thread go?

Well, I've gone and about sewn myself out of thread again........
But at least I got a lot done this week.
Bar bag, 2 bags for Niner Air Nine Carbon medium frames, and a bag for a sick Vulture Cycles titanium break away do everything bike. Lots of features on each bag, and hopefully they'll all get beaten good and hard real soon.
Thanks everyone for your support.
I suppose its time to get some more Dabond T-70 Polyester Thread:
"Polyester thread looks, feels, and performs like nylon thread but has superior resistance to sunlight (UV), moisture and mildew. This makes polyester thread the first choice for sewing, binding or wrapping anything that is consistently used outdoors or in moist areas.

Size 69 is a light-to-middle weight polyester thread used for sewing awnings, banners, flags, patio furniture, sails and tents. Tensile strength is 11 pounds. Noticeable stitching. Use with either a home or commercial sewing machine. This is the heaviest size that most home sewing machines can use. Use a size 16 or 18 needle. Thread diameter - 0.01 inches."

For years I've used thinner polyester thread from www.thru-hiker.com, and have almost sewed through a second 6,000 yard cone..... but for bikepacking stuff its nice to get something beefier. I've used the thru-hiker thread for everything from primaloft pants to tarps to aid climbing ladders without it ever complaining, so the bigger thread should be even more reliable.

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