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Friday, August 26, 2011

Hike a Bike Magnet

Evidently, I'm a hike a bike magnet. Last Saturday, I was intent on not biking at all, to give the old body some rest, but after a day of sewing and sitting around, 6:30 pm hit and I just had to get out of the house. The General, my old SS/fixie mtb beaconed me to the Tabeguache Trail off Hwy 141 up Nine Mile Hill, so I chucked a bit of stuff in and drove off for a casual climb up a gentle 4x4 road. After climbing for a little while, I came to a spot (off the main trail) where I'd been before, and noticed a nice looking dry slickrock streambed down below... and just had to check it out. The call was irresistible. Downhill hike a bike ensued, but with a bike that literally weighted half of what the loaded CT bike weighted, it was pleasurable.

Self timer shots near dusk don't always work out.

Riding in the stream bed was fun, but all the potholes reminded me of why the big wheels are worth it. More sections of downhill hike a bike were involved, then some uphill hike a bike contouring around back up to rejoin the 4x4 road.

The Fisticommuter got about 130 commuter miles on it this week, along with a nice Sunday ride on an unloaded mtb in Glade Park with a couple bike shop guys. Riding with other people and a light bike is an interesting concept. I like it!

The Fisticommuter is clad with Jones Loop H Bars this year, and so far I'm liking them. I tried them out with a bar bag, just for fun, and the bag does not wiggle At All.

Classes are going well, they should all be appropriately challenging and fun topics. My nerdy self is coming back quite naturally.

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