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Sunday, August 7, 2011

"The Works"

Another busy week or two. In fact, I can't remember what days I made some of this stuff.
First, a grey curvy frame bag to go with a magical grey curvy bike frame.
Then full kit for a Misfit Dissent - panel loader frame bag, seat bag, bar bag, TT bag.
And, a seat bag and TT bag
And last but not least, a bag for a Spot Rocker, destined for the Arizona Trail,its the most featured bag I've done yet. He wanted "the Works" and here's what it has:
-Dual compartment AND lower Panel Loader
-Left side map pocket
-Padded DT and ST
-pump straps
-hydration porthole
Yeah, it takes a wee bit longer than the basic ones, but is more organized when riding.
On the 22nd, I'll get to shift gears back to school in Grand Junction for some of this sweet action:
I'll still be sewing, just probably not this fast with this much quantity. Oh, and I'm working as a math and physics tutor.

But, in the intervening two weeks, there's more construction to do, more stuff to sew, and.... hopefully I'll be able to fit a few days on the bike somewhere crazy - like linking the Snare Lakes "road" to segment 23 of the Colorado Trail. Hopefully my tendinitis will allow enough of a ride to really get somewhere..... it's not exactly flat.

But, that's a week away, so we'll see what happens.....

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